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Merchant Marine Heroes - Citations for Distinguished Philippine Marine Corps - Wikipedia List of BMP-1 variants - Wikipedia The construction of the new lines in the Watford area included a triangular junction with a spur enabling trains from Croxley Green or Rickmansworth to run south to Bushey and on to London via the new Croxley Green Curve although, in practice, this service only. Distinguished Service Medals Issued for the President by Admiral Emory Scott Land Chairman,.S. Maritime Commission Asterisk indicates Distinguished Service Medal awarded posthumously. The Philippine Marine Corps is organized into three maneuver brigades, a Combat Service and Support Brigade (cssb and independent units such as the Force Recon Battalion (FRBn) and the Marine Security and Escort Group (mseg). HMS Illustrious (CV-7) Aircraft Carrier of World War Two Ob'yekt 675 was an experimental IFV that had enhanced combat characteristics and utilized parts of the BMP-1; it was tested in 1974. The two-man turret was armed with a 30 mm 2A42 autocannon with a two-plane stabilization system and one.62 mm PKT coaxial machine gun. Whilst in Victoria barracks I used to set a watch from my platoon around the perimeter of what was a very large area. One night my officer and myself were wandering around when we came across a quite large circular building with a typical Chinese roof. Hmas Armidale (I) was one of sixty Australian Minesweepers (commonly known as corvettes) built during World War II in Australian shipyards as part of the Commonwealth Governments wartime shipbuilding programme. Twenty were built on Admiralty order but manned and commissioned by the Royal Australian Navy.


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